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Testimonials: Testimonial

May 11, 2018

I purchased a toy Poodle from Glenn Williams (G and G Toy Poodles) in April 2018. Glenn was totally honest with all the information that he shared with me about my Poodle; he said she had been checked by his veterinarian and that she did not have a heart mummer, and that she had been de-wormed and had her first shot. He also gave me a one-year health guarantee.

When I took her to my veterinarian for her second shot, he checked her over and told me that she did not have a heart mummer, he did not find any ear mites or roundworms, he found one hookworm egg.

Dr. Johnson told me that whoever raised this puppy did an excellent job. I was so happy to hear that everything he told me was true.

Shelia H. Owner

Dr. Johnson

Animal Hospital of Beulaville

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